Coratina-Eliad Olive Oil, Intense & Fruity


Extra Virgin, first cold press


Acidity up to 0.5%

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Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil is housed on rich basalt lands in the northern Holy Land.

Olive trees have been growing there for thousands of years; the remnants of ancient oil presses from various historical periods still dot the landscape, testifying to how perfectly suitable the geographical region is for olive cultivation.

Eliad Holy Land Olive Oil treats the olives with extreme care: they are not made to wait between stages throughout the process. The result, by means of cold pressing and a single extraction, is Extra Virgin Olive Oil of extremely low acidity. Eliad oil bears a seal of quality from the Plant Council’s olive department.

Coratina – from southern Italy, with a strong fruity flavor and slightly bitter tinge, of especially high quality.

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