Golan Heights

The Golan Heights breezes from the snow covered Mount Hermon.

The area may be divided into three: The southern Golan overlooking the Sea of Galilee is 1148 ft above sea level. The soils are basaltic clay. The middle Golan is 1312 – 1640ft altitude.

Then there is the Upper Golan which rises from 2460 to 3937 ft. Soil is more volcanic tuff and basalt. The Golan was first planted in 1976, but in the 1990’s became a major wine growing region in volume, not just quality.

Gilad Vineyard - Kfar Yuval

The northern vineyard in Israel, produces Syrah and Mourvedre grapes and is characterized by descending cold air from Mount Hermon and Lebanon. together with the extreme differences in temperature between day and night, good and full grape maturity is enabled.