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The Mendelbaum family owners are native Israelis who bring the old stories of the Bible together with good spirit and enthusiasm of modern Israel combined with advanced Hi-tech technology of the wine industry to the Heart of Texas. Our wine is manufacture by Tulip winery family in Israel. Tulip winery combines the production of quality wines with an expression of their huge love of people and contribution to the community. It is located on a hillside in Kfar Tikva, a small and pastoral settlement consisting of a population of people with special needs. The aim is to enable these community members to develop and realize their potential. The best vineyards are chosen, using advanced technologies, Innovation, creativity and full attention throughout and after the production process has brought Tulip Winery and Mendelbaum Cellars to their present status.

Mendelbaum Cellars

Come enjoy one of the most unique experiences in Texas and the U.S.! Offering wines Harvested and Produced in the Holy Land, Mendelbaums' Israeli/Mediterranean style wines showcase impressive concentration and flavors with Old World flair. With a wide variety of Reds, Whites and Rosés, ranging from dry to sweet, you will find high quality affordable wines ideal for both drinking and pairing. These wines are produced with grapes harvested from vineyards spanning across Israel, from the volcanic Upper Galilean to the ancient Judean Foothills, and offer a taste that expresses the warm sunlight and breezes off the Mediterranean Sea and diversity of soils, elevations and growing conditions. Come sit and enjoy a glass in our beautiful pavilion, outside on our outdoor stone patio or inside at our cozy lounge. We offer tastings for both small and large parties. Come Experience Israel and the winemaking that has been practiced for over 5,000 years!

Holy Land Wines

Israeli wines are an extraordinary contribution to both the wine and culinary world. Mediterranean scents, tastes, climate, terrior, atmosphere and culture all contribute to the uniqueness and authenticity of these wines. Did you know that the Israeli population is composed of immigrants from five continents and more than 100 countries?! Every element of Israeli everyday life and history plays a huge part in these wines. Winemaking in Israel stretches back thousands of years as found in the Torah and Old Testament. The modern wine industry resurfaced in the 1970’s, making a great comeback on the world stage. Mendelbaum’s wines focus on wines made from varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Carignan, Chardonnay, Gewurtztraminer, Marsanne, Merlot, Mourvedre, Petit Syrah, Petit Verdot and Syrah. These varietals are used to produce extremely well balanced blends or produced as single varietals which showcases their uniform uniqueness and complexity.

Kfar Tikva

In 2003, the Itzhaki family fulfilled their long-held vision by founding the Tulip Winery, an expression of their great love of wine and huge love of people. This was a true milestone – combining fine, high quality wines with a committed contribution to the community.
The hillside in Kfar Tikva, a small and pastoral settlement for residents with special needs, was the perfect and most natural setting for building the winery. The winery’s inspiring and thriving model of employing members of the community and providing a platform for their integration into the labor market just like ordinary people, formed an extraordinary, strong, inseparable and rooted connection. aq````

We invite you to come in, relax and take time to enjoy one of life’s finest pleasures, tasting wine, with family and friends!

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