Samson is not a geographical place, but this wine region is named after the Biblical figure, that frequented the area. The central coastal Judean Plain and Judean Lowlands, south east of Tel Aviv, is a large part of the Samson Region, where vineyards were planted in Rothschild’s time. The area is from 0 to 328ft above sea level and it is a hot, humid region. Summer temperatures range from 68 ℉ to 89.6 ℉.  Annual precipitation is 1325⁄32in to 153⁄4in.

Alluvial soils mix with sandy, clay loams. There is also a fair bit of terra rossa. Many of the vineyards for large volume wines come from here.

The second area is the Judean Foothills, which is the fastest growing region in terms of newly planted vineyards and new startup wineries. These are the rolling hills with limestone soils and clay loams, which may be experienced on the drive to Jerusalem. Elevations are higher, from 164 to 656ft above sea level and average rainfall is up to 1911⁄16in a year. Winter temperatures are from 41 ℉ to 68 ℉, whilst those in the summer range from say 64.4 ℉ to 86 ℉.

Karmei Yosef

This vineyard is located in one of Israel's oldest grape growing regions and its unique character is expressed best in the Durif variety that allows the winemakers to create complex and rich wines.