Samaria is Israel’s most traditional wine growing region first planted by Baron Edmond de Rothschild in the 1880’s. The main concentration of vineyards is in the valleys surrounding the winery towns of Zichron Ya’acov and Binyamina. They benefiting from the southern Carmel Mountain range and cooling breezes off the Mediterranean Sea. Elevations rise from 0 to 492ft above sea level. Soils vary from calcareous clay, terra rossa, limestone and chalk. The climate is typically Mediterranean. Annual precipitation is 153⁄4in to 235⁄8in.


Ein toot, Zichron Yaakov

A 40 years old, dryland farming vineyard that fully express the Mediterranean characteristic in the grapes, the regional terrior and produces exceptional quality Carignan.


Bir Tata, Zichron Yaakov

A 30 years old vineyard, located in the traditional growing region of Carignan grapes. This vineyard has the potential to produce top quality grapes and especially for the unique MAIA's wine style.


Shooni, Binyamina

An old vineyard that its age expressed in the high quality French Colombard variety and contributes to the grape's crisp and freshness that are perfect for the Israeli – Mediterranean climate



This vineyard is located in unique and interesting region that contributes to the potential of growing Mediterranean grapes that excel by their quality.