Wooden 12 Tribes Breastplate


Hand-Carved Wooden 12 Tribes of Israel Breastplate

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Hand-Carved Wooden 12 Tribes of Israel Breastplate.

The Breastplate of the 12 Tribes of Israel, also known as the “Choshen”, was first worn by the High Priest Aaron, and subsequently worn by every High Priest in the Temple while performing holy duties. There were 12 precious stones in the Choshen, as mentioned in Book of Exodus: Ruby, Garnet, Citrine, Blue Topaz, Topaz, Sapphire, Peridot, Onyx, Emerald, Diamond, Amethyst, Aquamarine. In Numbers 2, the tribes are listed in the direction of motion of the sun, starting with the tribes under Judah on the East, and proceeding through the Reuben tribes on the South, then the Ephraim tribes on the West and finally the Dan tribes on the North.

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