The Negev is the desert region that makes up half the country. Vineyards have been planted in the higher areas in the northeast at Ramat Arad, a semi arid area, which is 1640ft above sea level, with annual precipitation of 529⁄32in a year.

Here the soils are loess. Also in the central Negev Highlands, in particular Sde Boker and Mitzpe Ramon, where soils are sandy loam. The Negev Highlands range from 2296 to 3280ft elevation.

Rainfall is 131⁄32in to 315⁄16in a year. Temperatures range from very hot during the day (59 ℉ to 104 ℉ in the summer) to cooler evenings and cold nights. The vineyards are sometimes shrouded in mists during the morning hours. The dryness and lack of humidity keep diseases to a minimum.  These vineyards really fulfill David Ben Gurion’s dream of making the desert bloom.  Yatir Winery is situated at Tel Arad in the north east Negev.


A 40 years old, dryland farming vineyard that fully express the Mediterranean characteristic in the grapes, the regional terrior and produces exceptional quality Carignan.